Welcome to Velocity Magnetics, Inc.

We specialize in Frictionless Motion Control for the People Mover Industry and the Amusement Ride Industry

Our patented DYNA-BRAKE® SYSTEM  consisting of SLIDE-MATIC® , INTELLI-BRAKE and G-LIMITER® eddy current braking products have set a new world standard for fail safe, efficient, velocity control of roller coaster trains, drop tower gondolas and round Amusement Ride Attractions and the People Mover Industry, with virtually no maintenance requirements. See our system in action.

Each braking module is modeled using Finite Element Analysis and custom produced, utilizing CNC machinery, in a state-of-the-art 16,000 square foot facility.


The DYNA-BRAKE® SYSTEM is designed and engineered by Velocity Magnetics is a revolutionary braking system that requires no friction. Unlike other conventional braking system utilized in amusements parks throughout the world, the DYNA-BRAKE® requires no electrical input and generates minimal heat during the braking cycle. Additionally, there are no moving parts and no lubrication is needed. 

The DYNA-BRAKE® SYSTEM acts in a redundant manner each time a braking cycle occurs. The synchronous linear permanent magnet modules, as well as the frames that encompass the modules, are completely CNC machines and built to aerospace quality. The magnet modules are hermitically sealed and powder-coated. Powder-coating is one of the most durable coating processes know to man and it is resistant to chipping, scratching, UV light and concentrated salt spray.

In short, we have engineered the DYNA-BRAKE® SYSTEM to withstand the test of time and our three-year warranty pledge is proof of that.