About Us


Velocity Magnetics, Inc., headquartered in New Castle, PA is the leading producer of frictionless motion control products for amusement attractions and people movers around the world.

Our patented DYNA-BRAKE®, SLIDE-MATIC®, INTELLI-BRAKE and G-LIMITER® eddy current braking products have set a new world standard for fail safe, efficient velocity control of roller coaster trains, drop tower gondolas and round amusement ride attractions with virtually no maintenance requirements.

Each braking system is modeled utilizing Finite Element Analysis and custom produced, utilizing CNC machinery, in a state of the art 16,000 square foot facility.

If you are looking for improved velocity control under various ambient conditions or reducing maintenance costs, magnetic braking technology is the prefect choice.

For a free evaluation of an eddy current enhancement kit for your existing ride or to discuss a new OEM design concept please contact one of our sales engineers.